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One of the most important things in my life right now is my practice.

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

One of the most important things in my life right now is my practice.

Its nothing formal, more of a smorgasburg of ideas that I’ve picked up along the way that have helped me create a space of peace and growth.

In my practice I: Mediate, Write, Practice gratitude, Conscientiously breath, Rest, Stretch, Vision, Dance, Strengthen & Set intentions.

This is everything I do to stay connected to my purpose and grounded in who I am. I don’t do it all at once but rather little bits throughout the day because, like most people, I have very small windows of time for myself. Ill take 30 minutes to stretch and dance it out while Nova is watching TV, 10 minutes to sit down and rest while I’m drinking my coffee or vision my life as I’m watering my plants. Each part is its own practice but when strung together over a day, week or month I feel my nervous system start to relax and my mind open up to my higher good. It’s the steady consistency of carving out space for my most authentic self to be realized. A balancing act between the physical, mental and spiritual world.

Authenticity is something that has been coming up for me a lot as I dive deeper into the process of reshaping my life. The times I feel most tapped in are when I’m living in my practice. During these times authenticity seems to flow through my choices with such ease that my life almost appears to play like a movie, like, something I’ve seen before. A steady stream of dejavu that has me seriously questioning ”Am I psychic…or is my visioning practice just that on point?”

I think the reason Authenticity seems so alluring is because we all have the capacity to come back to ourselves. We begin and end at ourselves, completely unique by design. We are the origin. Only problem is the world can be so absolutely fucked sometimes we have to do a good amount of work to come back to a place we can truly create from, to come back to ourselves.

I think for each individual the elements that keep you in a place of creation can differ, but finding them is key. There is just far too much noise in the world and sifting through all of that can take time. Time we should very much so allow ourselves to have. Call it self care, call it your practice…call it whatever you want. The point is to create a system in which you can flourish. When I’m living authentically and in my practice I am able to sit calmly with the knowledge that all the answers are within me and that I can be the greatest source of my own healing. Feelings of lack and not-enoughness melt way and I am left feeling simple alive and in love.

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Devendra Sonwane
Devendra Sonwane
Aug 21, 2023

Really good article,

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