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Since hitting LA’s burlesque scene in 2012, Miss May has made quite an impression. Creating a unique take on the classic art form, Miss May artfully blends character, style, beauty, and rhythm in novel and ever-expanding combinations. 


“My goal is to provide a sense of intimacy and passion,” Monica describes, “Miss May invites audiences to come into a world where fantasy and glamour prevail.”


Involved in every aspect of crafting her performances, Monica takes pride in designing and fabricating all of Miss May’s costumes...which only seem to get more and more elaborate!


As Miss May, Monica has had the opportunity to tour the United States, performing at beautiful venues and festivals. She has appeared at The Las Vegas Burlesque Festival, The Colorado Burlesque Festival at Lannie's Clocktower as well as The Texas and Hollywood Burlesque Festival to name a few. 


She has appeared at some of the best-known burlesque venues & events in LA including Seduction Burlesque, Tease if you Please and Muse Burlesque in the OC. As well as produces her own events, working with a handful of passionate and talented collaborators to bring the amazing world of striptease to the masses!

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