Photo credit: Clarence Alford

Sex Dipped in Gold



"....Her chiffons, Gold Lame, appliques, bugle beads rhinestones all matched beautifully lots of class lots of style. She started out slowly and worked herself up to the end of the number, in a sexual frenzy, but still with class!"

- Burlesque Leagend Satans Angel

Take it Slow

Photo credits: Andrew Torr


​​ In this rebellious tale Miss May invites you to indulge in raw uninhibited sex appeal. Take it Slow is a beautiful mix of strong and fluid movment with a whole lot of sassy attitude!



In this act Miss May goes back to her southern roots to bring you a high energy, down and dirty, fried chicken eat'n strip tease!


Photo credit: Clarence Alford

Chicken Head


​​Dumb Blonde is a rollercoster of glamour so grab a drink and take a seat! The dramatic reveals don't stop and will leave you breathless. Miss May pulls out all the stops ending with a beautiful fan dance and nearly nude body.

Photo credits: Claire Hart & James Cano

Dumb Blonde


​​Inspired by her fine feline friends, Pissed Off Pussy is a true tribute act. Miss May fills your every desire  with the perfect combination of raw sex appeal and comedy. She no doubt will leave you meowing for more!

Photo credits: Clarence Alford & Ginger Liu

Pissed Off Pussy

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